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Doing business since 2012
We love our job

And we are damn good at it.

As an essential partner in the world of professional cleaning, DC CLEAN has developed rapidly, evolving from a conventional cleaning company into a multi-service provider, with versatility and know-how as its main assets.  It is impossible to insist enough on the importance of a clean office or space.
The cleanliness of your commercial premises says a lot about your company.
It gives a first impression which will remain with your visitors and motivate employees who will feel valued in a clean working environment.


Efficient staff
We regard it as essential to build up a trustworthy relationship between our customers and ourselves.
Particularly focus on staff stability and motivation.

Well - trained and modern work methods
We value our clients as well as the enviroment.

High-quality products and materials
We consider that it is our duty to contribute in protecting our planet by using environmentally friendly products wherever possible. Our suppliers assist us in this regard by suggesting the most suitable products for the particular surfaces in question.
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